How are we supposed to send in our last high school transcript?

Berkeley says that I need to send in the transcript from my last high school along with my CC transcript so does that mean I need to go back to my high school and ask for them to send an official transcript in? Or can I just get a sealed transcript from my high school and send it in myself?

I’m not sure if it’s the same at your school, but the registrar lady from my old high school directed me towards for my transcript. There, I filled out my info and paid to have my old HS electronically send it to my CC where they signed off my IGETC.

You can submit them separately. I had my high school send a paper copy.

Call your high school and find out what their procedure is for sending transcripts. My school had a form on their website that I had to mail in with a check. From there, they sent them to the school.