HOW are you guys applying?

<p>(I thought this board could use less whining and nitpicking.)</p>

<p>Are you applying online or by hand? Or does Columbia have one of those things where you can fill out online, print, and send by mail?</p>

<p>online I am.</p>

<p>i assume you mean whether they have a PDF version of their application - yes they do.</p>

<p>I'm old fashioned, and I did the paper application, and by hand.</p>

<p>actually, I was asking whether or not they had a system like Chicago where you fill out the application online, it prints out a copy of it all filled out, and you send that in.</p>

<p>oh, sort of like the CSS profile</p>

<p>nope, they don't</p>

<p>the online version, all the info gets sent out to the admissions like a regular application would - but the answers are typed in the correct spaces. (haha i thought this was cool). But you can't literally print it out and send just goes to them like that when you do the online.</p>

<p>how do you know that? ^</p>

<p>They prefer it online, so I'm doing it there, but the field for the essay seems very restrictive (3500 characters)...</p>