How bad did my SAT's ruin my chances?

<p>My question is:</p>

<p>Am i competitive enough to use my early app at Wharton (or could it be better spent somewhere else b/c I will be rejected?) Wharton is easily my 1st question.</p>

<p>-Caucasian, California Resident

<p>GPA: 3.72 UW, 4.25 W (rank: 35 out of 733; top 5% barely) --> also have upward trend of grades, 1 B 1st semester jr, all A's (hopefully) 2nd semester jr</p>

<p>New Sat -- BOMBED IT! (I should do better next time but let's assume I don't)
-Math: 790
-Reading: 600
-Writing: 680
-Total: 2070</p>

<p>-SAT IIs (guessing): i thought theyd be good but now i dont know. math should be really good i guess...but now im really scared (see score above)</p>

<p>-1 soph AP, 3 jr AP's, 5 sr AP's + 2 sr college classes
-5 on Euro already; should score 4-5 on all exams except maybe Calc (3-4)</p>

<p>Major ECs:
-Started a small business at school (profited $200 w/ $350 initial investment)
-Writing a historical fiction/mystery novel (15,000 words so far...still have the summer)
-Worked at McDonald's for almost a yr (will be 1 1/2 yrs when I apply...should be a manager by then); 12-16 hrs/wk during school; 25 hrs/wk summer
-Starting a program w/ family friend to send boxes of clothing, toys, etc to orphanages in China (our family adopted)...I also have taken 4 yrs of Chinese
-Boy Scouts (almost Eagle)
-JV CC (9/10/11); JV Track (9/10)
-Weekly religious school 9/10
-Fantasy Baseball (6 yrs): sounds like a joke but it is heavily statistically based...national competition (won prizes in 3 of last 4 yrs totalling $300)
-Ran statistical projections for Varsity CC (predicted 1/2 of Varsity runners in our league's final times w/in 15 seconds 3 months in advance)
-NHS, Freshman Mentoring Program
-Applied to Leadership in Business World (Wharton)...dont know if I got in yet</p>

<p>UPenn Wharton

NYU Stern

Carnegie Mellon
UMich Ross

<p>UWisconsin Madison

<p>I know almost all of my schools are reaches now. I was planning on a 2130 (worst case) to 2280 (best case) on the SAT. I don't know wth happened. =/</p>

<p>anyone? i'm so i @ least ok for ucla/ucb still? =/</p>

<p>Just do intensive test prep and retake. You'll need to for a shot at Wharton.</p>

<p>50/50 for those UCs would be my guess.</p>

<p>BOMBED it?</p>


<p>eh i felt i did pretty good and i got a 2120...</p>

<p>Relax you have May, June, October, and even November to retake the SAT if you must. Student of your caliber, i doubt you need to retake more than one more time to get a satisfactory score.</p>

<p>Sorry I guess I am part of the group that says a 2070 is bombing. I took all 8 tests out of the college board book & never scored below 2180. I scored 2190 that I took from 9PM - 1 AM. So for me, a jr w/ only pretty good grades the SAT was critical...and for Wharton or other Ivies, 2070 is like an auto-reject unless you have a really good reason elsewhere. </p>

<p>Sorry just majorly disappointed. (My "worst case scenario" score was 2130...)</p>

<p>i can't believe u put fantasy baseball on the app, i play in highly competitive leagues too</p>

calm down a little. You need to bring your CR up, and if writing improves so much the better. The reading is the section that is most likely to improve naturally - so challenge yourself in your summer reading program. You might enjoy Godel Escher Bach: the Golden Braid. </p>

<p>When you are taking practice tests, be sure to analyze why you got certain questions wrong - that will help you to improve.</p>

<p>This fall, when you have all the pieces of the puzzle together, you will be better able to assess where (if anywhere) to play your early card. For now, concentrate on your junior grades - and congratulate yourself on a great math score!</p>


<p>UPenn: Reach
Princeton: Reach
Stanford: Reach</p>

<p>Cornell: Slight Reach
NYU: Slight Reach
Northwestern: Slight Reach
UChicago: Slight Reach
Berkeley: Slight Reach
UCLA: Slight Reach</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon: Match
Michigan: Match
USC: Match
UW-Madison: Safe Match
UCSD: Safe Match</p>

<p>College 2332, </p>

<p>The reason I put the fantasy baseball since I've been a little kid (since 4th grade), which I feel is unusual. The one I play has 10k competitors & I usually score in the top 10%. While it may serve no benefit for college, I thought it est. a theme of being interested/excellent w/ statistics (as I am looking to be possibly a financial analyst).</p>

<p>I wouldn't have put that...</p>


<p>It CAN be viewed as statistical analysis
But then again, so can RPGs and other stupid games
Essentially, fantasy baseball is an online GAME.
College adcoms will see it as either of the two. And hope it's not the latter.</p>

<p>haha yeah i suppose it could be bad, but I thought it was interesting.</p>

<p>It does take 50-100 hrs of spreadsheets, formulas, etc to put it together. bit better than an rpg, but they might not take it that way.</p>

<p>I also do projections for CC that proved to be very accurate...wanted to est. a pattern/history of being involved in statistics (which I suppose matches up w/ my math sat, etc) but maybe not! =)</p>

<p>bottom line fantasy baseball is awesome tho. you should play in one of my yahoo leagues next year, they are intense. 16 teams and ppl make trades everyday. i hate inactive league with unskilled players</p>

<p>2070 is great!!!
don't despair, SAT isn't that big part of admin process. My recommendation, don't retake!</p>

<p>oh i def will retake. not to be boa****l, as i know people are happy w/ 2070. i just think i can do better.</p>