How bad is 2 W in freshmen year

Hello all, I am curretly a freshmen and I am planning to major in CS. Afterwards I would like to get my masters in Robotics Engineering.However college did not start the was I wanted, for starters due to covid I am learning remotely and its just not the same as being in school especially when you have to help your siblings as well. On top of that I overdid my self and took more classes then I thought I could handle. Most freshmen take 12- 15 credits at least in my school however I am taking 19. I thought I could handle it because I have balanced a lot of classes and dule enrollment in CC when I was in HS. I am at a point where I am stressed as long as I am awake. I was planning on dropping physics and figured it would be ok with one W and I would not face an issue when I apply to other schools fo my masters. However I forgot that if I drop Physics I also have to drop lab and that would put a total of 2 W in my perminant transcript. I dont know if its worth taking the 2 W or if I should just keep the classes and just hope for the best and hope a mircale happens. I could care less if I was going to the work right after college but I really want to get to my masters in RE and the schools I am looking at are schools like WPI RPI and Umaryland and I dont know how much they will consider me if they see the Ws. What do you guys think i should do because I have no clue. I would talk to my Dean but its hard to get a hold of them because we are online. BTW the other classes i am taking are clac 1 into to CS english and psychology. Thankyou for your help!/

Belated response, but a W is better than overtaxing yourself and potentially bombing all of your classes. Having a couple of withdrawals on your transcript won’t keep you out of good graduate programs.

I think physics and physics lab are known to be a pair so it should be fine. In addition I expect some leeway might be given for semesters done online due to covid. Just be careful not to make the same mistake again as you want to avoid having a series of W’s.

FWIW my S applied to grad schools with one W from freshman year and it did not seem to hurt him at all.

I agree with others that this should not be a significant issue. Physics and Physics lab do look like they are very closely connected even if they show up as two lines on your transcript. Also, the COVID year is going to go down as a very strange year in education. It also sounds like you still have a full course load. First semester freshman year is also an adjustment period, and many freshmen do not know ahead of time how many classes are the “right number” for them to take at once.

I do not think that this is a significant problem. Try to do well in your remaining classes.

You also need to make sure that you have enough time and energy and effort to commit to your studies. You should make sure that “other stuff” does not prevent you from putting in a strong academic effort.