How bad is a 'C' grade in on of my major classes?

<p>I have currently just finished my freshman year and have received news that my grade in my spring semester math class is a C. My major is Economics/Mathematics and I realize that this is a pretty big dent in my gpa, especially my "major" one.
How bad (in the grand scheme of things/graduate school) is this C grade? I do not plan on transferring anywhere else for the next 3 years of college so I do not have to worry about a transfer GPA.
Should I think about retaking this course? Will it make a difference?
I'm really worried about this C, as I have never gotten this grade in my life before. I am not sure what it means in terms of college. PLEASE HELP!</p>

<p>C is passsing and honestly if it was a hard class i would just take it.</p>

<p>C’s aren’t life killers, as long as you do well in the rest of your classes. I got a C in both organic chemistry II and genetics (worst professor ever) during undergrad and just finished my Masters. Just be able to explain what happened, like underestimated the work level, bad freshman year, etc. and you’ll be fine.</p>

<p>One C won’t hurt, as for multiple…</p>

<p>Roommate got a C in a biochem class which was her major. She works for the feds now. Just do well in all your other classes and you’ll be fine…</p>