How bad is a D?

<p>So due to some family problems, I messed up in this semester. I got 3 As 1 B and 1 D (in chemistry). I know it's fine if you have a one or two Ws but how will this affect me. My Gpa was 3.5 but adding a D would make it 3.3. </p>

<p>I was planning to apply next year in UCSD (with TAG) as an Eletrical Engineering major. If I retake the course and get a decent grade, will it make up for my D or not. I'm never been so worried in my life! </p>

<p>So how will it affect me?</p>

<p>worse than a C but not as bad as an F</p>

<p>If chem is a major pre-req it could really affect ur chances, but if you have a 3.5, just sign a TAG with SD and ur all good, UCB and UCLA wont be too likely tho</p>

<p>you will have to check with your school policy on retaking classes. But i know that at my school (Cuesta), you can retake a D or an F. So in actuality a C is the worst grade you can get (if you make up your D's ad F's)</p>

<p>I'm sure if you retake the class, get an 'A' and explain in your application that you had family problems when you got the d, you will be absolutely fine.</p>

<p>Oh, and that tag should work still as well for UCSD (but make sure that the tag applies to your major for UCSD as it doesn't apply to all majors). If it does, don't sweat it =)</p>

<p>idk, the family problems seems kinda shady, i would think that the admissions board would think, "if he had family problems, how come they only affected ONE class" cuz all ur other classes are fine...seems pretty shady loll</p>


<p>3 of my classes were general classes, most of them took place once a week. So it was easy for me to attend them. However, Chemistry had several lectures and Labs. I missed 2 weeks and I ended up getting a D.</p>

<p>beg the teacher for a c.</p>

<p>bribe the teacher for a c.</p>

<p>offer sexual favors to your teacher for a c.</p>

<p>rwasko your hilarious.</p>

<p>Just offer a B and a J in exchange for a C</p>

<p>i think they're actually serious.</p>

<p>Retake the class this summer and replace your grade. I think most schools offer some kind of grade replacement for D's and F's. If you cannot do that and do not need the class, take your lumps and explain the aberration in the application in the "Is there anything else you want us to know section." Stuff happens, people miss class, you are not the only one.</p>