How bad is fall orientation? Am i screwed?

<p>I have heard it is difficult to get good profs/ classes you want if you go to fall orientation, but I cannot go to a summer orientation because I am taking classes at a CC and if I am absent 3 days I won't get credit.</p>

<p>Is there any way I can still get the classes I want and get good professors?</p>

<p>Try to contact your advisor and email her your course suggestions, once approved, register online.</p>

<p>Woah, they wouldn't let you off three days? That sucks. I'm taking classes at a CC and my professor let me miss the whole week and let me make up everything I missed. Did you try showing proof or explaining?</p>

<p>Anyway, try doing what Hahaha said.</p>

<p>I went to fall orientation for my freshman year and I got all the classes/professors/times I wanted. It's not that bad. Try what Hahahaha said, but if it doesn't work out, don't stress over it.</p>

<p>How do we find out who our adviser is? o.o</p>

<p>Ahhh.. I have the sme concerns as onthefly!! :( I guess I'll try to do what hahahahah is suggesting</p>

<p>Well I called UT and they said there was nothing I could do. :( hopefully I can get the classes i need!</p>


<p>Why don't you talk to your community college? I'm sure the "three days absent" rule isn't a rule that is set in stone. After all, the community college couldn't really expect to enforce the rule when students have extenuating illness or a family member passes away. I'm sure the community college will be able to grant exceptions; talk to the relevant person at the community college and explain your situation. I'm sure they'll be quite reasonable.</p>

<p>^ perhaps I could do that, but the only remaining orientation would be during the 1st 4 days of my Calc 2 class. There are only 16 instruction days for the whole class and I am bad at math so I am not sure if I could recover very well from missing 1/4 of the course.</p>

<p>I dug my own grave, but what sucks is that I get friday-sunday off every week and I have a break july 1-5 but it just doesn't line up with an orientation :(</p>

<p>Good luck getting your classes. Nothing opened up for me today or for lots of other students. Most had to have waitlisted classes for the majority of their registered classes. Hopefully a lot of people will forget to pay bills come August 10th!</p>

<p>Surprisingly, a lot of people do. Fall orientation people do get first grab at those that lose their spots because they didn't pay.</p>