How bad is it to take 2 pre-reqs in spring for Engineering transfer?

I will be taking the third physics course, and diff eqs in the spring before transfer. Will this significantly hurt my chances at UCLA for aero eng? Along with the prereqs, I will also be taking 2 recommended courses in the spring. So in total, by the end of the spring semester, I will have all required courses complete, and 3 of 5 recommended courses (since the other 2 are not offered at my CC). My major GPA will either be 3.82 or 3.83 by the end of fall but my overall will be 3.8. Do I have a chance at UCLA?

That’s fine.

All admissions are conditional. For you the conditions will probably state that you have to complete these courses. If you don’t then they revoke your admission. So the school from it’s point of view is covered