How bad is the drug problem?


<p>I'm interested in transferring to Humboldt from southern California because I really like the look of the Environmental Science program curriculum. I also love nature (go figure) and it looks like a very beautiful location.</p>

<p>However I'm also aware of Humboldt's reputation as a haven for drug addicts, hippies, far-left types, burnouts, etc.</p>

<p>I'll just be honest: While I don't try to control the way those people are living their lives, I also find it impossible to socialize with them or treat them with basic human dignity and respect. I don't want to feel like I'm at war with everyone around me for 2 years.</p>

<p>I'm someone who likes to think about my problems for long periods of time until I've conquered them and in my experience, I simply cannot get along with people who go straight to the bottle/bong/pillbox and never developed past their early teens psychologically. I know enough in LA.</p>

<p>Are the stereotypes about Humboldt really as bad as they say? I looked up videos on Youtube and I was optimistic. I know that their Environmental Science program is one of their crown jewel's and quite reputable, and I know regional stereotypes often falsely slander a school.</p>

<p>My heart basically sank once I started watching videos, All I've seemed to find so far is a clearly stoned-beyond-repair guy named "Khaya" mumbling about what it's like there, some pot farm arrests, some slideshows with a Bob Marley soundtrack, and some videos of a trash-littered field following a local hippie jamboree. Oh, and a double homicide by a hippie named "Yogi Tree".</p>

<p>I mean... Seriously? I got so depressed. All of my plans just fell apart. That's basically my vision of hell.</p>

<p>I was really looking forward to experiencing that environmental program and living among the redwoods but... Now I'm scrambling to apply elsewhere.</p>

<p>Lay it on me with brutal honesty. How bad is it? As a sober person who spends most of my time reading, studying and working out and cannot stand even mild stoners, just how miserable would I be at Humboldt State? Are the stereotypes as true as they seem online?</p>

<p>It’s California and we still live in the shadow of the hippie generation so good luck finding ANY school that doesn’t have a few stoners in hammer & sickle t-shirts who are in college because they saw it on MTV and… talk… like…this… </p>

<p>You have to do the mature thing and just pretend you don’t notice them, get on with life, move somewhere nicer.</p>

<p>Arcata itself is a very claustrophobic and politically close-minded town with drug problems, but HSU is a good school (especially for that major) and a lot of the students are actually from LA.</p>

<p>I agree with Disco, you will find drinking and pot smoking at most or all of the California schools as well as the rest of the nation. UC Santa Cruz is usually number one in the nation for pot and UC Santa Barbara number two. A great way to get a feel for the place is to visit and take the tour or just talk with students you see.</p>

<p>There are also some other Cal States with good programs if you are unhappy with Humboldt after your visit and it is a very good idea to have more choices on your list just in case. Think about Channel Islands, Chico, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and Sonoma.</p>

<p>Yeah, I Was actually going to specifically mention Santa Cruz as a school that would easily out-stoner Humboldt. </p>

<p>Humboldt is famous for growing it. The bay area ends up smoking it.</p>

<p>Some people are stoners. There’s no denying it. However, lots of people aren’t into drugs and much more into academics. You’ll find people who have similar interests and don’t do drugs.</p>

<p>Everyone there is a stoner. I just saw the school yesterday and cancelled my admission. I’m sorry to seem like a “■■■■■” but people really deserve to know this. The entire point of the area/school seems to be getting high.</p>

<p>^^you should not be reporting on a school when you admit you stayed 5 minutes, @arghhh - it isn’t useful to people who can manage themselves.</p>

<p>Plenty of stoners at UCSB</p>

<p>Check out the ES program at Cal State Channel Islands. While it is still in So. Calif. it is in a beautiful little valley outside of Camarillo on the site of the old state hospital. It is surrounded by farmland and is within a few miles of the coast. There is a lot of hiking in the nearby Santa Monica mountains- you can actually hike over to the Sycamore Canyon State Beach from just up the grade from the school. While you are going to run into drugs at any college campus, this one is probably more conservative in that respect than most.</p>