How bad is the flooding this week???

<p>How are you guys out there doing? The Houston weather has been dreadful this week. the campus is supposed to hve a good drainage system, but it can't be perfect. How flooded is the campus,if at all??</p>

<p>umm unfortunately there were a few deaths (not rice related) but we're okay</p>

<p>Rice is higher in elevation that much of Houston. Rice does have some drainage problems, but all that means is a few big puddles. The real flooding took place far from Rice, so asking people on this forum isn't a good way to get information.</p>

This isn't going to come out right, but I don't really care about the rest of Houston- I care about how the flooding affected Rice. If my s. was easily available by his cell/email, I'd ask him. You guys sometimes respond faster than he does!! But I know he'd love for the parking lot to flood so he can get a new car. Dream on.........</p>

<p>And misterme, as I asked how the flooding affected Rice, you answered my question. thanks!</p>

<p>the acabowl got squishy and wet.. bleh</p>

<p>jym-your apathy towards the city of Houston is shameful. Try <a href=""&gt;;/a> if you want to know the rainfall amounts</p>

<p>Do tell us if s gets that new car. Oy vey.</p>

I'd suggest you learn to develop a sense of humor</p>

<p>"but I don't really care about the rest of Houston"</p>

<p> one cares about Houston.</p>

I said it wouldn't come out right :) That's not what I meant- but I was trying to respond to misterme's statement that the worst of it was far from Rice (which was a relief) so asking here wasn't going to be as helpful. Of <em>course</em> I care about all Houstonians. You've been through enough with Hurricane Rita and all. I am glad you have a sense of humor....</p>