how bad is this?

<p>im not sure if this is bad or not. My transcript is so varied. Like 70's, (spanish) 80s in a bunch of things, then 90's in a bunch of things. And i got a 50 on a local final spanish exam. Is this really bad? do colleges want to see consistancy? I feel like i screwed that up big time lol. Basically, can i still get into a good school? (UVM, U Buffalo ect)</p>

<p>You should start by having a sit-down discussion about this with your own guidance counselor. That person will be able to tell you which colleges and universities have admitted students with records like yours from your high school in recent years.</p>

<p>the thing is though that most of these classes (actually all) were either honors or AP. my average is an 85 UW and an 89 W. which isnt that bad...</p>

<p>What happymom said. Talk to your counselor. And a lot will depend on your SAT or ACT test scores.</p>