How bad will 2 good scores, and one below 700 look for the ivies?

<p>I recently took the SAT II tests, and received 800 on Math II, 780 on Chem, and 690 on Lit.
I was planning on sending my scores to the ivies using Score Choice (you can probably guess which score will be blocked), but I know some of the schools that I'll be applying to (Cornell and Yale) don't allow score choice.</p>

<p>So, my question is, if I were to send in my scores, how badly would my chance of getting in be affected by my lit score?
Is it worth it to retake the tests, possibly get a lower score on the chem, but don't have any below 700s in my score?</p>

<p>I'm there with you, </p>

<p>800math 800bio and 680USH (Ugh how is that possible?)
I guess it really depends on your major. And a 780 on chem isn't that bad.</p>