How bad will it impact on an international student who ED to UPenn asking for Financial Aid

I am an International student from India and wanting to apply for ED to UPenn Engineering. I understand that UPenn is need aware for international student. But my family’s total annual income is under $10,000.

I want to know how much my admission decision will be hurt if I say that I need 100% need based scholarship?

Anyone who got full financial aid to UPenn as an international? How generous is UPenn towards internnational students?

IF you are accepted, UPenn will meet your full financial need (as they define it).

As you know, they consider your financial need when deciding whether to accept you.

You are competing with all of the other applicants from India / SE Asia / Rest of World for about 12% of the places in the class.

So, in sum: it is harder for international students to be admitted, it is harder again for international students who need financial aid, and harder again for those from regions with a lot of direct, strong competition. Last year 5.5% of international applicants were successful at UPenn.

On the other hand, you might be that rock-star candidate.