How bad will this mistake affect me?

Within my college essay, I had mentioned that I would be the first generation within my family. However, I had forgotten that I listed that my father received his BA from some college in Southeast Asia. I know this was a stupid mistake to make, but it is too late to fix it. To spare the time, how BAD will this error affect me?

I don’t think that bad at all. It will not be the difference whether you are admitted or not as a majority. It won’t disqualify you in any way other than being moved out of the first gen group. This may have an impact but it would not have been helpful if you reported as not first gen initially.

Admission oficers are intelligent enough to understand the difference and perhaps confusion. They may move you out of the first gen pile but other than that don’t sweat it.

Perhaps send your regional administrator a simple clarification. “Dear Ms. Jones -

I want to make sure to clarify my parent’s educational background as you review my application for admission to Carnegie Mellon University. I indicated accurately that neither of my parents attended an accredited 4 year school in the United States. However, in my perisonal essay I included that my father attended a college as it’s referred to in east Asia. I was not sure how to report this, so indicated first generation and also reported my father’s background as well. I just want to make sure you understand my background fully. Thank you. “

Or whatever the actual situation is and brief is the key.

@Sally_Rubenstone can help you. If she differs from what I suggest. Scrap mine and follow her advice is my real suggestion

I agree that clarification will help. I like the wording of Privatebank’s sample note. I’d not just leave it as is.

The answer that @privatebanker gave you is perfect. Don’t stress over this but do send the clarification.

It shouldn’t be a big deal. You’ll be fine