How big is this mistake?

<p>For the additional information section, I decided to upload a resume. This is the same resume I used for other applications for programs in junior year, so I didn't have to make many changes (but did re-format some things). However, the first section of the resume was titled education, and I wrote my school name and in parentheses I wrote (currently a junior). Of course, this is when I originally made the resume as a junior and I am currently a senior who applied early to colleges. How big of a mistake is this, and what effect(s) will it have on my application? Should I contact the colleges? Thanks.</p>

<p>@OP: Don't worry too much about it. Most of the time, adcoms don't have enough time to comb through every detail. It's like if your teacher writes you a glowing rec letter but accidentally switches the order of two letters in your last name, or something small like that. Is your rec worse? No, remember, it's glowing. Just an example.</p>