How big of a reach is Harvard for me?

<p>General overviewStats:</p>

<p>SAT: 2170
ACT: 34
Sports: JV Tennis (2 yrs), Frosh Soccer (1yr)
EC's: Youth Volunteer Group (President 1 year, Secretary 1 year, Treasurer 1 year, member for a total of 4 years), Quiz Bowl (President 1 year, VP 1 year, member for all 4 years of HS), BPA (1 yr), PP (all 4yrs), NHS (all 2 yrs), volunteered at health fairs and blood drives, not a great number of volunteer hours (over 120) but highly involved in work</p>

AP's: (got all 5's): APUSH, AP Physics C (both exams), AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP Gov't
GPA: 3.961
Classes: toughest out of my school
class Rank: top 15 (our school's rank is really messed up)
Senior Scheduele: AP Stats, AP Lit, AP World History, AP French, free hour, art, college classes in the evening (4.0 in Multivariable calculus, taking another math class next semester)</p>

<p> big of a reach is Harvard for me?</p>

<p>You're there, but you have nothing special to make you stand out. Lots of students that apply have done things in other countries, have their own businesses, start tutoring programs, etc. If you can get any of those, then you should definately consider it.
Right now, its pretty big.</p>

<p>lol it figures</p>

<p>so pretty much same opinions all around? O.o</p>

<p>Yes. 10char</p>

<p>i would agree with the posters above me. you have no big "hook."</p>

<p>You have the stats to get you in, but make sure that you show Harvard your 'hook.' Only you know your hook.</p>