How 'bout them Wolverines?!

<p>So, by now, many of you young'ns have realized that at Michigan, Football is not a is a religion. I hope you have already gone to a few games. The Big House is unique. 110,000 fans, great rivalries, awesome fight song and band...all to watch one of the greatest traditions in all of sport. I mean, what other program can claim the most wins, the best record, the most top 25 and top 10 seasons, the most conference titles and a winning record against programs like Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Alabama and several other major programs? </p>

<p>This season is no different. If Michigan can beat Purdue in 8 days, we should be Big 10 Champions...again. It sure gets lonely at the top eh?! hehe</p>

<p>And then, you have Hockey. Do not let our slow start fool you. Michigan's 9 National Championships are an NCAA best. And Michigan has made it to the Frozen Four of the Hockey Tournament 9 of the last 15 years!!!</p>

<p>Now just so that you better understand the tradition you have just joined, I am flying from Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates) to Ann Arbor to watch the Northwestern game. I make a trip to a football game once a year...and thousands of crazy Wolverines make the same pilgrimage on a regular basis.</p>

<p>In is great to be a Michigan Wolverine!!!</p>

<p>Yep wolverine football is a religion just like ohio state football. 2001 national champions :)</p>

<p>Begone you infidel! LOL And by the way Buckeye, OSU's NC was in 2002...not 2001! hehe Anyway, it is not too late for you. You may see the light and become a Wolverine one day. Just keep those grades up!</p>

<p>We have our flag proudly displayed on game days.</p>

<p>M Go Blue! There is nothing like Wolverine football.</p>

<p>YOU KNOW IT!</p>

<p>Next week is a big week... Pudue looks like our toughest opponent. </p>

<p>and yes Alex, it is great, to be, a Michigan Wolverine! GO BLUE!</p>

<p>Woah! What a game. We finally got our running game going, but our passing game is going to have to return to previous form if we are to beat Purdue. If we can beat the Boilermakers, Michigan will win the Big 10 conference!!!</p>

<p>Go Blue!!!</p>

<p>There's no football like big house football, yet I think we need to get louder, as the games have been fairly quiet.</p>

<p>big 10 football is the best of the best in terms of spirit</p>

<p>SEC is way louder than big 10 comparatively....the only time I saw it get REALLY loud was during the minnesota game when tyler ecker made the winning touchdown. I think Purdue's loss today will make them lose momentum so we could take advantage of that. We only need to pray for wisconsin to lose so we can go to the rose bowl</p>

<p>If Wisconsin can win out you will still be in the Rose Bowl. UW will be in the NC game.</p>

<p>Barron's, I doubt any Big 10 team will make it to the Orange Bowl this year. We simply don't have the SOS to make it happen. I think Wisconsin will now jump to #7 in the polls, but for you guys to make it to #2 is going to take a few major upsets. OSU and Minnesota losing big really hurts the Big 10. I think if Wisconsin and Michigan win out, Wisconsin will end up in the Rose Bowl and Michigan in the Fiesta or Surgar Bowl.</p>

<p>But we have optimism. Usually many top teams trip down the stretch leaving only a couple of undefeated teams. I'll worry about more in 5 weeks.</p>

<p>Please KILL Purdue. They tried to injure our two best players on D with chop blocks to the back of the legs--successfully. They are thugs and punks.</p>

<p>I think Michigan will beat Purdue. Michigan does not like being the underdog, and right now, everybody expects Purdue to win. That's when Michigan plays to its potential. </p>

<p>However, for Wisconsin's sake, I think you would rather have Purdue win. Let us face it, there is a chance Wisconsin may lose one of its next 4 games. Trips to Iowa and MSU are never kind and Minnesota can be dangerous. If you guys lose one game. don't you want to make sure Michigan also loses one game in the Big 10? If not to Purdue, I think Michigan could very well finish its Big 10 season undefeated. Purdue beating Michigan will give the Badgers the breathing space you guys need.</p>

<p>Speaking of the Hockey team.. Check out this goal: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I don't expect us to be 11-0 at the season's end. The meat of the schedule is just beginning. We don't have the depth to overcome key injuries. I do hear very good things about the basketball team too. If hockey finally comes through it could be a banner year.</p>