How can i appeal

<p>What is the process of appealing the decision they made friday of rejection. I am in state with outstanding extra curriculars and grades/scores. I am in shock that i was rejected of people in my school who got 990s on the sat but were 20 ranks higher then me.</p>

<p>You will have to call the office of admissions starting March 1st and speak to an admissions officer to get the appeals documentation sent to you. Once you receive the material, you will have to write a statement to the appeals committee, explaining the reason for your appeal. Send that statement back with any new material you would like the appeals committee to review, typically this material should relate to your reason for the appeal. There is no need to resend the material submitted on your original application, as the committee will have access to all the original material as well as your newly submitted information. At the same time you should continue to consider your other option, as very few to go through the appeals process will be getting an offer out of the committee.</p>

<p>maybe you were rejected because you cant string 3 cogent sentences together. perhaps the essay you wrote had similar mistakes.</p>