How Can I Apply for this Scholarship

I have been trying to get the Gates Millennium Scholarship done for the longest, but I’m still very unsure of what all the requirements are for applying for this scholarship. So please give me the link that explains exactly everything I should do in order to apply for this scholarship before the deadline approaches.

Go to the Gates Millennium Scholarship website: Carefully read all the FAQs. Then click on “GMS Application” to preview all of the forms. One form is for you, the student. It can be pretty intimidating, but includes all the info you will need to apply, including the prompts for all eight essay topics. One form is for your “Nominator.” One form is for your “Recommender.” Nominator and Recommender are explained in the FAQs. Join this Facebook group: Finally, go to and learn about their free service for reviewing your eight Gates essays. The Gates deadline is January 13, 2016. If your high school is on winter break, the biggest challenge you will face is recruiting a teacher or counselor to be your Nominator. The Recommender is the person who can speak to your leadership qualities and community service experience.