How can i be productive?

<p>In between classes, what are things to do to be productive? When hw isn't an option and don't feel like\have the resources with you to work on things ahead of time.</p>

<p>Take a laptop with you. Review notes - the more you review-as-you-go, the less last minute studying you need to do. You can also hit the library and just pick through books your might find interesting. Or go to the gym. Or eat. Or any number of things.</p>

<p>You could watch videos of other subjects on the internet. I like to do that occasionally while doing needlework (I realize I sound like a total dork, but that's cool with me).</p>

<p>Make note cards. Plain and simple. I went from a C+ in a course that has NOTHING to do with my major (so I had no clue what to do or how to study or think about it) to an A+ on our last exam because I started carrying notecards.</p>


<p>Get your brain working ,go for walks, help around the house, see a friend who maybe needs help, go do voluntary work for the old people or youth. There's heaps a things you can do.</p>