How can I better my chances of getting into UMD

I have a weighted 3.59 weighted gpa. I’ve taken 8 dual enrollment classes (currently going to take 6 by this school year and more in my senior year). I’m in an early college program getting my associates which is why I’m taking so many. My extracurriculars are so lack luster, they are more like hobbies. I have mainly been doing creative writing (but my writing isn’t that good). I also do drawing but I’m not good at this but I want to actively do better at it this year.
I’m a class of 2024 and I want to major in computer science. Is there a way I can salvage this as a junior in high school?

Sounds like you are on track. Keep up the good work!
From the admissions page, “For the Fall 2022 freshman class, we received just over 56,000 applications for a class of 4,500. Due to UMD’s test-optional policy, applicants were able to indicate whether they would submit standardized test scores for consideration in their application review. Admitted freshmen earned primarily As and Bs in a rigorous curriculum. ”

Peace be with you.
UMD considers your high school and your circumstances.
For life skills consider volunteering. Get a summer job.

Look into any STEM clubs at your school. For example, early college students won an UMD info challenge last winter.iSchool Hosts 5th Annual Info Challenge - UMD College of Information Studies

For reference, here are some stats from fall 2021. Because of the rising competitiveness at UMD in the past couple of years assume these numbers will move upwards over the next 2 years. But also keep in mind that UMD practices holistic admissions so it’s not all based on stats.

Note: direct admission to CS is a lot harder than general admission to the college. But you can use their gateway path to move into CS in your sophomore year if you don’t get a direct admit.

I also have a 1030 psat 10. And I have four C’s, Does that change your opinion? My guidance counselor said that the highest gpa she saw is an unweighted 4.5. The average UMD accepted on the college confidential is so high, I fear I will be rejected. I also want to start a drawing blog, is that good?

Also thank you so much, you eased my anxiety a bit.

The requirement is so high, do you know what I can do to increase my chances?

Keep your grades up, participate in STEM clubs, volunteering or get a job as @Hippobirdy suggested. Show leadership.

It’s not clear whether UMD will still be test optional in 2024 but if it’s not then you’ll also need to do well in your SAT/ACT.

Are you in-state or OOS? There are pathways for in-state students to gain admission to UMD through the community colleges.


Consider if you are using effective time management and study skills today, for your classes.
Focus on what your teachers and guidance counselor suggest to succeed today, during this first half of first quarter of your junior year. Little steps each day will help you in long run.

“And I have four C’s, Does that change your opinion? “”
So important to walk before you can run. Need good math skills for CS or many related information science, information technology, data science, social science/data science fields.

I’m instate and I’m currently doing community college for my associates

Have your heard about MTAP? It has guaranteed admission to UMD. If you happen to not get in directly for whatever reason it’s another avenue you could take.

Maryland Transfer Advantage Program | UMD Undergraduate Admissions.

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If I take this route, can I get into CS?

It says that High School students who are dually enrolled at a community college are not eligible

You need to work closely with your hs guidance counselr, community college advisor and also UMD office of admissions, according to