How can I decide on a major?

So, I’m currently in 11th grade taking science related subjects. My entire high school career so far has reflected the science “stream.” The thing is, I don’t want to do science as my career. I don’t have any passion for it. I’m leaning towards the side of human resources or communications. The problem I have is that if I’m going to be applying for colleges and deciding on a major, will it look bad that I don’t have any extracurricular’s or classes related to my major (as I stated before, my high school subjects and extracurricular’s reflect the science career)? P.S., if you’re wondering why I opted for science related classes is because my parents made me.

Don’t worry about classes/ activities. Kids change their minds on major all the time!! It’s entirely logical that you started off as a "STREAM"kid and ended up a Communications kid.

You don’t need to decide until usually spring of sophomore year. So don’t try to make a decision. It isn’t necessary.

Don’t worry about it. Many kids change their minds. Communications is one of those fields that is so vast… You could become a technical or science writer and use your STEAM background. For now, you could join the school paper (my own favorite EC in HS) and write about STEAM things. As for working in HR or personnel, I know lots of people in that field and most of them had no clue in HS that they would pursue that area. One of my friends was an attorney in personal injury for many years and segued into HR. My own D has a masters in special ed, taught for one year and hated the bureaucracy. She is now working in the tech world, but on the customer service end, learning to manage a staff and thinking about going into HR eventually. My point is that your interests in HS may guide you, but they don’t limit you.