How can I feel more confident applying to Columbia?

<p>I'm currently a junior in high school and I want to apply ED next year. I want nothing more to get accepted and feel what it's like to attend an Ivy League school and experience the diversity, culture, and intellect. It's been bothering me a LOT lately...I'm not the valedictorian of my class (Ill only be 3rd or 4th out of 300) and my grades aren't perfect (when I apply I'll probably have a 94.1 uw GPA) but it's been my dream. I know they look for a passionate person and I honestly think I am a very passionate is everything to me (I'm an all-county soon to be all-state violist) I love learning, I love talking to people, I love meeting new people but I just don't know if that'll be enough...only one person from school has gotten in the last 5 years, granted no one has applied early decision. I mean I'll be a national AP scholar by the end of this year (currently taking 6 APs and I took 2 last year) but will that even have an effect? It hurts my confidence even think about the whole thing since it means so much to me...</p>

<p>You're a junior. The real lack of confidence doesn't come until you realize you've finished all your essays and your cursor is hovering over the submit button...</p>

<p>The point is nothing you said puts you wildly outside of the realm of possibility for Columbia, and so, given no other information, you might as well remain optimistic, especially this far out. Get excited about applying. Get excited about coming. Enjoy the blissful ignorance for the next slightly-less-than-a-year. Just enjoy it.</p>

<p>You should never feel overly confident about applying to this type of school. Columbia is highly selective and will see many strong candidates. They are looking for more than just grades and all-state orchestra. They want to see from your application what you will bring to Columbia. If you do meet all their requirements and you stand out, you may still not get accepted, so you also have to be prepared to go to another school and love it just as much. So, dream about Columbia, prepare yourself to be a strong candidate, but during this next year also look at other very good schools and make sure you have a list of 7-10 colleges that would meet most or all of your requirements, including financial.</p>

<p>Columbia is not just another ivy league. If you want to just attend an ivy league school, apply to Cornell or something. Columbia is its own school that is fantastic outside of the ivy league stereotype.</p>

<p>Columbia admits people who genuinely love the school and are overall interesting people. If you fit those two categories you will get in.</p>

<p>Please dont get your hopes up. There are some kids I know who have done 10x you are doing and still cannot get in.
Just do your best in school. Talk to your conselor or even post a "chance me" thread on this site. If you believe you have a shot, go for it.
But please, dont put yourself into a bubble thinking "columbia or nothing". Ivy League doesnt mean ****. It just recognizes the top schools on the Eastern coasts. Standford and Caltech beat most ivy schools.</p>

<p>lol@post a chance me thread.</p>