How Can I get an 800 on SAT II USH?

<p>So, the title is pretty self-explanatory. How does one get an 800 on sat II ush? I have heard many good things about amsco and REA crash course etc., but I want to make sure this is enough for 800. So, is it? I'm going to take in June, but I need to start now because I'm more of a math guy (as my username indicates). All those who achieved 800s, please tell me your methods!</p>

<p>I got an 800 (also Math II haha, Math & History are my favorite, so I can relate) and to be honest, the best things to do are:
Work hard in your APUSH class, seriously. I typed up study guides for about half the tests that I didn't have a lot of knowledge in beforehand (I always loved history), and I took the sparknotes practice tests and read the princeton review book the week before in sections, and took those tests in that book, and also because it was the day after the AP exam for me, the AP class review helped too!
Good luck!</p>

<p>I got an 800.
I took the test in October, and what I did was:
1. read the book direct hits for U.S. History a couple weeks before the exam (basically a shorter version of Amsco)
2. read crash course to consolidate info the week during the exam (on thursday and mostly friday)</p>

<p>...And that's it. :)
I did take it after taking a year of AP U.S. History though, so that was a great base of knowledge (if your class is good)</p>

<p>Also, I did read Amsco...but that was the year before in May to prepare for the AP Exam...not directly for the SAT II. :)</p>

<p>I got a 790, so maybe my advice is unwanted here. But I self-studied for one month. I used CrachCourse and DirectHits (both written by Larry Krieger). My friend also bought me this SparkNotes AP history package with flashcards and a couple practice tests. I took those practice tests and others online. If you have more than a month's time, you should be primed for an 800. It took me about 85 hours of reading/study to get that in one month. Just remember that Portugal started the first maritime expeditions, or something like that lol I just remember that if I got that right I would have scored an 800.</p>