How can I get an application fee waiver for applying to Exeter?

Hello everyone,
I am new to this website.So please try to overlook my mistakes.I am an international student applying for exeter in 10th grade next year.I have to depend on financial aid to bear my expenses there.But even in case of application there is a fee that is a burden for me.I came to know from the exeter website and webiners that they dont give any
application fee waiver.

So how can I get an application fee waiver for applying to exeter?

Contact the admissions office


Hi, I got my application fee waived by Exeter by simply sending an email to the admissions team. I asked about the process and requirements I have to comply with in order to be granted or apply for fee waiver.

Just make sure that you’ve completed Exeter’s inquiry form prior to sending an email. And do mention that you’re an international applicant, where you’re from, and that you’re applying for financial aid. Then proceed asking the main question. You can also explain the reason why you’re requesting for your app fee to be waived.