How can I get Into a Applied Math Masters Program as a Business Undergrad

I have recently graduated from a business school and have been wanting to gain a background in math in order to improve my skills for more quantitative jobs to unlock more jobs for me, particularly those in data science and stats.

The last math course I took was AP Calculus in High School which was a long time ago in which I got an A in and I have been wanting to unlock more math related jobs with higher pay.

I want to know if I had to take Cal 2-Linear Algebra during my years in college, or if I can go back to a community college to take them. The colleges do not offer differential equations and real analysis, and I am wondering how I can take them again especially if I want a phd.

Do you know a good online college that offers an applied math program that will allow me to gain the required coursework and knowledge to switch fields?

I have a couple of questions regarding how grad programs are handled. Does the grad school care where and when I take the classes? Where can I take the classes that are above linear algebra? How hard is it to make the career switch?

Do you know any good programs in Applied Math or at least something that will give me the prerequisites to enter said program?

I believe you can take calc 2, calc 3 and linear algebra at some community colleges. You could take online from anywhere - look at offerings within your state.

There has been tremendous growth in specialized quantitative masters programs like data analytics, etc that you might also want to look into.

While there are plenty of programs, which is the best online applied masters that I can get into easily with a high acceptance rate while still being accredited. Also does it matter when I take the courses and also where? The course finder has most of what I am looking for. Will the community colleges accept me if I have too many undergrad units.