How can i get Iverson for Organic Chem?

<p>i know he is probably one of the hardest classes to get but is there any advice on getting into his class? I am going to transfer into UT this spring and i need to get iverson for next fall. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks</p>

<p>You "need" to? He's great and all but I wouldn't say that you need to. If you're not in any programs that grant you priority registration, then you'll have to register around the 1st day that sophomores do. I know a few people that registered on the 1st day (of two) and got in off of the waitlist. If you have Junior qualification then it'll be a shoe-in. If you're on the 2nd day of sophomore registration then I'd be highly doubtful and if you register with or after freshmen then I wouldn't even consider the possibility of getting in. </p>

<p>There's no real advice to give.</p>

<p>what programs give you higher priority? i'm majoring in chemistry so i want the best organic chem professor that i can get which is Iverson. And i will be trying to get his class next fall....</p>

<p>There are a few for minorities and anyone with disabilities. I believe that TIP saves seats for their students and most other programs don't reach past freshmen year. There are a few but I can't remember their names.</p>

<p>If you do research in a lab, then you can ask for priority registration. Or maybe talk to him and make him laugh.
really no other advice if you don't have a lot of credit to up your classification.</p>

<p>So I have a question. I'm transferring into UT as a sophomore, next fall I will be a junior, Does that mean that I will be able to sign up for classes earlier next yr as a junior? That way I could get iverson</p>

<p>Nope, you'd register as a sophomore</p>

<p>It's based on the number of hours you have before registration. </p>

<p>Hours completed + hours you're taking now</p>

<p>So what if i have 30 hrs when i transfer and than 12 from UT for this spring...i would still be a sophomore?</p>

<p>You're aiming at 60 to be a Junior</p>

<p>I registered as a sophomore this past spring and had no problem getting into Iverson's class. In fact, it didn't fill up until freshman registration...</p>


<p>thank you so much for telling me that....i need to get into his class</p>

<p>how was he? as good as people say?</p>

<p>He's a good professor, but I think that he is most effective for people who are "slow learners". I don't mean to offend anyone, but his teaching style is best characterized as very slow and very deliberate, and sometimes it gets boring for those who learn fast. I can see why a lot of people enjoy his class though. It's a lot of hand-holding. A lot of times, I feel like he assumes I'm dumb when he's giving the lecture.</p>

<p>I thought I remembered seeing it close earlier than that. Guess not... I ask my friend when she registered again.</p>

<p>soadquake, did you go to the review session tonight?</p>

<p>Nope, I didn't, because that time is better spent studying on my own (based on my experience at his first review session).</p>