How can I improve ACT english.

<p>I pretty much bagged the Reading, Science and Math section, but English is giving me so much headaches. I read sparknotes, but I still have a lot of trouble. The best I recieved was a 31 but thats because I went 5 mins over time to finish. I can't differentiate between situations with "has" or "have", and words such as that. They all sound the same in my head! Its very difficult for me. Any tips or strategies I should use for prepping for December ACT?</p>

<p>has = past
have= present</p>

<p>When you start a paragraph be sure to pay attention to the tense. Read the sentences out loud and see if they sound right. Always look for the verb of a sentence and see if the subject and the verb agree in tense and in number. I.E John like to walk his dog. “walk” in that example is NOT the verb since it has “to”, it’s an infinitive. Prepositional phrases are also not the verb you are looking for. Prepositions tell you time and place(in,by,above,about etc.). Prepositional phrases are a preposition + an adjective + a noun. Whenever you see a preposition, look to see if it is followed by an adjective and a noun. If it is, then cross it and all the other ones out and you will probably left with your verb and you can use that to find the subject. Know comma rules like the back of your hand since they will be tested the most. Read the stories critcally like the reading section too so you don’t miss easy arrangement questions at the end of passages. </p>

<p>Sparknotes is good
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