How Can I Improve my Critical Reading Score?

<p>hey im looking to bump up my critical reading score
my target score is a 2250 (700 reading, 800 math, 750 writing)
right now if i stop making dumb mistakes on math and improve my essay ill get my target scores in math and writing
however im about 40 points away from my goal in reading and im not sure how to improve
are there good novels to read, certain prep books that will help, any way i can improve?
i usually get 1 or 2 vocab questions wrong, and i dont see myself going out and learning every word in the dictionary to perfect my sc's, so ill learn some roots
my main focus is improving my reading comprehension scores because thats my biggest fault on this test
so how can i improve my comprehension?</p>


<p>Most important thing of all (I have the same score on CR with more vocab missed) is to understand the passage. Think of it as if it were your a passage in your favorite book that you love reading. If you can force yourself to get interested in the paragraph, you can get significantly more Passage Based Questions correct. Also, playing Devil’s Advocate is important, but I have not gotten that down yet; so I cannot give you much advice on it.</p>

<p>I used to get in the low 600s but I practiced like hell and read this book by Charles Dickens, it’s called Dombey and Son, I think it improved my comprehension and maybe my vocab also, before i start reading the passage, I mark the lines mentioned in the questions then I read and focus on the underlined parts and now i get 720, It’d get 760 if not for the SC, I still need work on the vocab</p>

<p>memorize like 300-500 more hard words, you should be fine for vocab</p>

<p>yeah, I forgot, Most important thing is practice, you need to practice like there’s no tomorrow, Practice and keep practicing, Your scores will significantly increase Good Luck</p>

<p>Thanks boomshakalaka took me about 6 seconds to write your name, I actually have Kaplan Flashcubes and SAT Vocab on my iphone, they’re really good</p>

<p>just read a LOT. i haven’t really studied CR at all and get 700-750 just because i’ve read a lot in the past. (and this is a wide variety of books)</p>

<p>not to sound overly redundant, and i kow your sick of hearing this but practice. the kaplan CR workbook is apparently harder than the real CR, so i suggest that. im working through it right now, i wish i had time to do it every day because daily ractice helps.</p>

<p>and whats devils advocate @blob793???</p>

<p>ok thanks for all of the helpful suggestions everyone! is there anything else youd recommend? ill definitely start reading more and learning some vocab</p>


Go up to the Important SAT Links Sticky Thread and find a CR help one. Crtl + F and type devil’s advocate. It’ll give you a better explanation that I can give you, since they are by people who ace CR.</p>

<p>sorry im new to this site, where do i find that thread?</p>

<p>I think the Devil’s Advocate is when your confused between two choices, you then ask yourself why is that choice wrong? and look start looking for things to prove one of them wrong.</p>

<p>Long Term: Read as much as possible and all sorts of books and learn at least ten new words a day.
Short Term: Practice as much as possible and increase and revise vocabulary.</p>

Devil’s advocate: <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>See #9</p>

<p>omg…for this whole time, Ive been thinking devils advocate was actually an online game…woww. but thats great advice anyway!</p>

<p>^haha, I guess I should have been more specific.</p>

<p>^haha its all good, i got a good laugh XD. now i know the definition of devils advocate :P</p>