How can I improve my GRE study methods and scores?

Well, it has come time. I am 24 and I am in search of graduate schools for Sports Psychology. I have worked the past year at an RTC with very ill teenagers ages 13-18 that range from bipolar, autism, severe depression, borderline schizophrenia, etc. I’ve had some life or death situations but I learn TCI and several different therapy methods. I also learned from people with degrees almost like an internship.

Now I always had this problem and I’ve acknowledged it. I struggle in learning, concentrating, and committing major time to certain things when I could be doing something else that is beneficial to my knowledge and experience. I attempted to study for the GRE and took it. I scored a 3.0 writing which in no way shape or form represents my style of writing. A 135 in quant and 137 in verbal. Not good I know. It has been 2 years since I graduated I’ve worked at a national landmark right after I graduated college where I also had to move away from home. I then interned for a business firm in NYC for the Fall of 2018. Then in the Summer of 2019, I found my passion for working in mental health.

I took my GRE during my time in NYC. So I had a bunch of stuff I was juggling. At the moment because of COVID, I have plenty of free time but I am taking an online course on Nordic history which is much more interesting than studying 1000 words where I may never see 1/3 of them in my life. I am also planning on volunteering at the Scandinavian House in NYC as well as a Native American Museum in Connecticut if feasible. I have been very ill in the past 5 years with an autoimmune disease. At one point I realized what if today was the last day I live. Since then I wanted to enhance my knowledge with experiences and history. All my employers have loved my trait for asking questions and wanting to learn everything I could about the job. But when it comes to something like the GRE I just couldn’t grasp the concept of needing to learn hours of material that I won’t use in my life until my future kid takes trig in high school. I’ll probably forget by then. I may sound naive but I won’t bother taking the GRE when I can learn life-changing lessons.

I’m not trying to make excuses for not wanting to study but I just can’t get myself to commit to the GRE. Is there any way I can waive it from the requirements? Thank You for reading.

Many grad schools are going test-optional for the GRE this year because of COVID-19. You might want to make sure that the programs that you are interested in require the GRE before you put in a concerted effort towards raising your score.

(Also, there are a number of departments that will not be taking a cohort in 2021, so you might want to check on that as well).

Instead of trying to memorize a list of words, you should read broadly and deeply. That way you will actually expand your vocabulary.

Math review is a good idea, as you will probably have to take Statistics in grad school. Try Khan Academy to help get yourself back up to some kind of standard.

If you know the programs you would like to apply to, ask them if they care about GRE scores, and what a cut-off might be. You may be surprised!