How can I learn to read faster?

<p>I'm basically a slow reader, so does anybody have tips on how I can read faster? I saw this infomercial on this thing called "EyeQ" that apparently will bump up one's reading speed. Anybody ever heard of that program?</p>

<p>I had reading difficulty as a child. I'll tell you what made the differnce for me. I became an excellent reader, 800 English SAT, and the most avid reader I know. Instead of just "working" to become an expert reader, although I suppose that might help, make an effort to find a specail author or series of books that you love and can't wait to get back to and then read through all of his works/the series back to back. Stop and find a new series if you get tired of the first one. For me as a child, it started with the Hardy Boys, then the whole OZ series (not just the Wizard), the Horatio Hornblower series, all Steinbeck, all of John O'Hara, and so on over many years and many authors. Your reading skills WILL improve. I am a big believer for struggling readers to read what they enjoy and not to dampen what little interest they have with reading "the classics" or books said to be "good" for them. Now nothing thrills me more than finding a new authorwho has written many books. I order all of them and go to town. Best of luck to you.</p>

<p>Echo more, read anything but read more.</p>