How can I make and keep a 3.0 GPA?

<p>I am entering first year college (petroleum engineering) with credits given to me based on my A levels. I took a gap year so I forgot a lot of the physics and calculus but I will still get my credits... </p>

<p>Anyway, I am on a scholarship and if I lose it I will lose my education. I have to make and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA (B average). I am going to Texas Tech University in Lubbock. </p>

<p>Any tips? I lived most of my life in the Middle East so I don't know how the grading system is in the states, although I have heard that in my university the grades and tests depend fully on the professor.</p>

<p>A 3.0 is usually pretty manageable even with really difficult majors.</p>

<p>Don’t overload your first semester. Only take 15 or 16 hours if you can. Make sure to stay on top of your classes by actually attending them. A lot of people fall into the hole of skipping one class, so they skip multiple classes and all of a sudden they’re failing. Most people who actually go to class on a regular basis can manage A’s or B’s.</p>

<p>Don’t set 3.0 as your goal. Aim higher. 3.0 is the minimum. The higher you start, the easier it will be to keep that 3.0. You should be aiming for at least a 3.5 (which is half A’s, half B’s) so that if you do struggle later on, your scholarship won’t be in complete jeopardy.</p>

<p>I had a friend who failed a class her first semester, because of a terrible professor with a horrendous grading system, but she didn’t lose her scholarship. To put it in perspective 4 A’s and an F is actually a 3.2, so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to keep a 3.0 if you just stay focused and make sure to go to class and put in the necessary work.</p>

<p>yea aim higher. 3.o is a B average. you can do better</p>

<p>Keep up with the work, don’t wait until the night before the exam to study. And visit your professor’s/TA’s office hours regularly if you have any questions.</p>

<p>AUGirl your response was very helpful. I’ll keep that in mind. Looks like attending class is important way over in the states- I had many friends in Jordan who skipped classes, it all depended on your own work. Also I wonder if being friends with the professors would do any good LOL. I wouldn’t want to be teachers pet though.</p>

<p>The answer is simple: stay motivated and be smart.</p>

<p>Motivation will take you far. Being smart without it won’t. Motivation with smarts will take you to the places you want to go.</p>