How can I study for SAT exam

I’m a 9th grade student and I’m going to take the sat exam but I don’t know how can i study can you help me?

Why are you taking it so early in your high school “career”? A lot of the questions will come from the courses you haven’t completed in 10th and 11th grades.

Kahn academy has free, “official” SAT preparation.


Agree that Khan academy is good at helping you to prepare for those taught subjects.


And I agree that taking the SATs before completing a certain level of math curriculum can make it extra difficult.

My own school is preparing us for the exam of our country. so I can’t study for the sat exam at school. So I started a little early. normally I missed the Robert College by a small margin. You know the Robert College. A school that prepares students for foreign exams is in our country.

thank both of you for that

It’s way too early for you to take the SAT, and your English, from what little we have read so far, reflects that. I suggest you think about preparing in a couple of years, perhaps in July or August 2023. Meanwhile, read as much as you can in English, as that will help you.

I am also giving my SAT early. For reading and writing section, I am using Khan Academy. For math, I am using myntor. Found out it has an AI powered tutor that helps me through each section. I even thought of one-to-one tutoring before, but it’s too expensive. But now, my prep is goin really well. I take at least 1 practice test every week. I can see a lot of improvement in my score.
I hope you do well on your test.

You need to bolster your English skills. Read A LOT of the substantive works of English and American literature. To start, I would suggest works such as The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, and Great Expectations. I also suggest that you read works of classical literature such as Plato’s Republic and great works of international literature (e.g., Don Quixote, The Count of Monte Cristo, Crime and Punishment). If you did not read these types of works in elementary school, you should get to stepping. You’ll increase your vocabulary base significantly and expose yourself to different styles, which will only aid you on the Reading test. I also suggest that you buy a comprehensive grammar book (McGraw Hill perhaps) and an SAT specific grammar book for the Writing test.

You are so young… the score could be disappointing and discouraging. I do know for some colleges when it comes to using scores for class placement, will not accept anything older than 2 years. Now… if you have your mindset on taking the exam… go in blind and no pressure. You can sign up for Khan academy afterward and start working on your areas of weakness. Personally, I would not get serious about the test until the fall of your junior year.

My DS prepared my having a strong foundation in math and reading, and then by using the official CollegeBoard book, Khan Academy, and subject specific books (Erica Meltzer and PWN/CollegePanda).

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Congrats on taking it early! I would recommend Khan Academy.