How can I study to get into Middlesex?

I am currently in seventh grade and looking to get into Middlesex specifically in ninth grade. I would like to know what I could do to improve my chances of getting in, and if anyone who was accepted into Middlesex could share their stats.
Some facts about me include:
I’ve played the violin for 5 years and percussion for around 6 months.
I go to a public school in Ohio
I am in all of the gifted programs
I love to draw, and have a rather large collection of art
I have straight As
I love theatre
I like learning new things.

You sound like a very solid candidate. There’s really nothing you can do to increase your chances of admission other than crafting an excellent application. Hooks that really increase your chances are things like urm, impact athlete. On margin I do like to see some sort of community service on applications.

I am a little surprised that Middlesex is the only school you’re asking about. There are at least 10-15 schools that are just as good. I strongly suggest you research other schools and apply to more.