How can someone be at senior standing with less than 135 units?

<p>Both of my roommates (we are all transfers) have under 135 units, but they're both seniors. at the Beginning of Fall 09, i had a 105 units and i was in Junior standing, they had 114 each. Isnt that junior standing as well? The main reason i ask is pretty much because of registration dates, which is made by worse by the fact that i unfortunately got assigned a time at the pit end of juniors. Added to that is the fact that most sophmores in LS classes are in junior standing, and they all have times before me, meaning im probably going to have to take merriam for ls4 who has 4 midterms, and is apparently quite demanding.</p>

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<p>Perhaps they have approximately 125 (Junior) are taking 16 now, therefore URSA couts them as 125+16 = 141</p>

<p>I'm a freshman, only have 38 units COMPLETED, but have sophomore standing because I'm taking another 14, thus putting me over the sophomore level.</p>

<p>hm that doesn't seem to be the case, for me, if that were true than this quarter im taking 12 units, with a total of 131. 131 plus 12 is 143, and senior standing begins at 135. Its only annoying because sophmores got first pick over me for classes, which is highly unreasonable.</p>