How can students new to distance learning get up to speed?

As you might have seen in the news, [many schools in the US](The Coronavirus Outbreak And The Challenges Of Online-Only Classes : NPR) are going to distance learning in response to COVID-19. This hits close to home for me since my children are getting an extended spring break so that their teachers can prepare to online classes. It’s easy to imagine some of the technical challenges such as making sure everyone has access to the needed technology. But what about work habits are needed to make sure assignments are finished on-time?

What sort of adjustments will students need to make? When you started taking classes online, did you develop strategies to stay engaged with the instructor and other students? What can people to do have the right sort of physical space at home to learn most effectively?

Presumably a lot of the instructors who are now starting to teach online don’t have very much experience except with in-person classes. Is there anything students can do to help them?