How challenging is to get a BA in Economics at Creighton University?

Hello everyone. I would like to know the difficulty of the Economics program at Creighton, because math isn’t my strongest subject and I want to work my hardest to achieve a high GPA. I know I can study hard and do good, it’s just that I don’t know what to expect other than Calculus. How hard is it? Which teachers should I choose? What courses should I select? All this, I am doing to help me get a GPA high enough for top law schools in America. Thanks!

Generally, it doesn’t really matter what classes in college you take for law school admissions purposes. Obviously, try to get a well-rounded education and hone your critical thinking skills, but essentially all law schools will care about is GPA + LSAT.

Look at the economics major and see if there’s a calculus-based option vs. Non calculus- based option. (For law school young need the non calculus based sequence).
Philosophy and logic should be included in your program.