how cliche and bad is this?

<p>talking about how a teacher opened your eyes to a particular subject(in my case economics) and how i want to major in it</p>

<p>pretty bad, but hey if you can structure to be somehow unique then go for it
otherwise, its seems like avery dull topic</p>

<p>It depends on how you go about it.
- how did the teacher open your eyes to economics?
- what were you interested in before?
- were you completely opposed to the option of economics before?
I think that the essay wouldn't be too bad if you had previously despised economics and given it no consideration, were considering something on a whole other spectrum, and if a teacher helped you to discover your passion for it in a more discreet and sublime way.</p>

<p>any suggestions.</p>

<p>any avenues i should explore. i am doin the common app essays.
i am asian, participate in a eclectic mix of ECs. traveled alot but nothing exotic just a bunch of tourist spots. want to major in accounting/finaince </p>

<p>i am so ****ed have nothing to write about or it might be the fact i am just a horrible writer</p>

<p>well it was mainly due to the way he teached , me realizing that i am really good at it. finally comenting it was FED challenge which i applied the concepts</p>

<p>do u think this would work. my dad came to american and worked for 6 years b4 i came. i want to write a essay about how his self sacrafice influenced me to do well and kinda achieve his dream.</p>

<p>I'd personally be a lot more interested in your last idea but if you're concerned about your writing ability I wouldn't stretch for a topic if you don't feel passionate enough to back it up.</p>