How cliquey is your high school?

<p>Just wondering. Which clique do you think you would fall into?</p>

<p>My high school was decently cliquey. I wouldn’t say there were “cliques” necessarily, but every person kind of hung out with their own friends and didn’t venture much further.</p>

<p>My high-school is very cliquey. The whole lunchroom is set up in such a way that the tables are organized first by year of graduation and then by individual traits as you move across. </p>

<p>I’m a loner. I’ve sat with various age groups and with various cliques but I often sit alone. I don’t have time for that crap. I guess you’d call me a nerd if anything.</p>


<p>My school, in fact, has three areas: the Greek, where the weird people hang out; the “ghetto,” where the Blacks and Latinos hang out; and “Disneyland,” where the white peeps hang out.</p>

<p>I hang out with the international kids in the Greek, I don’t care.</p>

<p>The cliques arn’t to bad at my school. Everyone does have there own group of friends and don’t really care what goes on besides themselves. I have one friend in at least each of the cliques at my school. I’m all over the place</p>

<p>I have a really awesome school where cliques are virtually non-existent- like, the jocks are in the school play, there’s cheerleaders who are in Model UN, etc. I’d say there’s sort of 2 main groups in each grade, rather than cliques- the more traditionally popular kids (the richer, more athletic ones) and the more artsy/nerdy kids. But both groups get along fine.</p>

<p>My high is different. Essentially there are cliques present for the girls. They mostly stay with their friends and it’s constant drama for them. For us guys there are really no cliques. Basically every guy is friends or friendly with one another. There is no drama. All of our school fights occur between girls. Guys just get along.</p>

<p>Clique #1: The really popular kids, 99% athletes
Clique #2: The pot smokers, split in popularity
Clique #3: The Indians, very nerdy.
Clique #4: The misc. smart group, esp. nerds. (I guess this and #3 overlap a little)
Clique #5: The REALLY weird kids (Smallest group) HATE these kids because most of them are annoying (not the clique, the people)
Clique #6: The anything goes group (do random ****, etc.) (Here is me lol)
Clique #7: The “ghetto” kids. This about sums it up. [Running</a> This Game- Playboii - YouTube](<a href=“Running This Game- Playboii - YouTube”>Running This Game- Playboii - YouTube)
Clique #8: Everything else</p>

<p>Interesting stuff so far. Here the cliques for my school:</p>

<p>The popular kids: 99% are athletes. All they do is party every day, get hammered, and smoke weed. Most of them shun anyone outside of the clique.
The nerds: Mostly the kids who get good grades and play video games a lot. A vast majority of this group never talks to people outside of their circle of friends.
The weird kids: The people who no one knows. Most of the time the people in this clique just sit in the back of the classroom and never talk.
The ghetto kids: These kids usually skip every class and scream obnoxiously in the hallways. 50% of them don’t graduate and the rest go to CCs.
Everyone else: Pretty much everyone else who doesn’t fit into a specific category.</p>

<p>I don’t think there’s that many cliques at my school. Yes, there are a few snobby people but since nearly everyone’s known each other since kindergarten most of the students tend to get along pretty good compared with other schools. The nerds, athletes, average students, etc. talk to each other most of the time.</p>

<p>Magnet programs destroy the typical social hierarchies. It’s kinda funny. But there still are “crowds” at my school. We nerdy magnet kids (unless a person is extraordinarily dorky) are generally on top. Next are the athletes and usual “popular” people who may or may not be in the magnet programs, and then non-magnet kids. I wouldn’t consider them really ghetto; they’re just zoned for the school and it’s a very Hispanic neighborhood.</p>

<p>Actual cliques are really small, more like a circle of close friends or club members. Pretty much each lunch table is one.</p>

<p>Studying in an international school, I find cliquey to be non existent in the student body. Many of the smart kids are brilliant athletes, drama students, music students. It is almost like any student who is at the top of their field whether it be sports or arts is a smart kid and smart kids tend to have high GPAs.
I think the smart kids, call them geeks if u want, are also the most popular because I guess being nerdy is respected in our school. </p>

<p>I fall under the video game fanatic-wannabe geek category because even though I am not very geeky, I like being one. Hey, being nerdy is the now the new jocky.</p>

<p>As someone said when I was applying, “We’re too small to have cliques.”</p>

<p>My school isn’t really cliquey, people just have their circle of friends. Some people’s circles are fairly large, consisting of many types of people (like mine), and some people’s consist of only one “clique” (like the snobby popular kids or the really really weird kids everyone is kind of afraid of). </p>

<p>These circles formed in 6th grade, when all the elementary schools mix for middle school. They’re pretty set, and it’s hard to find a new circle of close friends (casual/party friends are pretty easy to come by). My 2 best friends moved away the summer after sophomore year, and I had a really difficult time finding a permanent place in a circle.</p>

<p>YES!! Especially @ lunch. You have to know where to sit or you’ll be the laughing stock. It’s divided like this:
-African Americans w/ Caucasian girls
-Only some Latinos (only very few @ my school)
-Preppy Caucasians/Soccer fanatics (Large population)
-Asians-who only sit with other Asians. (I tried to sit there once and they made fun of me :frowning: )
-“Kids who get around”/Popular students
-Band kids who only hang out in the band room, and talk to no one else.

<p>Hmm, you can see a defined set of friends in each at mine but not so much so that there isn’t intermingling. You have Preps that party, Preps that study, the skaters, the nerds, the ghetto kids and finally the white kids that are kind of weird.</p>

<p>my school is really cliquey. it’s an all girls, private school, so…YUP. there are the rich white girls, the athletes—which kind of blend into one…they’re the majority. there are the theatre kids. there are the latinas/blacks, where i kind of fit in (but not really because we have nothing in common except for the fact i’m half black), and there are the girls that don’t really have a label…some of them are weird, some not.</p>

<p>My school has its cliques, but it’s easy to float and interact with people outside of your own.</p>

<p>My school’s magnet, so we have cliques-ish.
The engineering kids.
The biomed/med kids.
The drama/artsy/music kids.
The Japanese kids (manga/anime/Japanese language/JPOP/KPOP).
The generally popular kids (in every clique but they occasionally hang out separately).</p>

<p>I think it’s pretty easy to float around, and people are nice.</p>

<p>My school is surprisingly “mixed.” Granted, everyone has their own special interests that divide them into groups with similar interests, but that’s an aspect of every school. Overall, high schoolers aren’t as xenophobic as portrayed in corny movies. As others have said, floating around is easily done.</p>