How close were your plan tests scores to your actual ACT score?

<p>So how close were they?</p>

<p>By plan do you mean practice tests?</p>

<p>sophmore plan test said i would get between a 22 and 27 and i got a 26 in september no studying. pretty accurate until i studied my butt off for the February ACT (32)</p>

<p>I didn't take the PLAN. I wish that I had known about it previously.</p>

<p>I did pretty bad on the PLAN while trying. I got a 21, with a projected score of 22-26. I got a 30 my first time taking the ACT. All I did was take two practice tests beforehand. For me, the PLAN was very discouraging and my real ACT score really came as a surprise to me because I got a 26 and 27 on my practice tests. I am lucky to get a 30, but to answer your question, my score improved by a lot from the PLAN.</p>

<p>I got a 20 on the PLAN, and it estimated a score range of 21-25 on the ACT. I earned a 25 on the February ACT.</p>

<p>I'm gonna prepare ahead for the June ACT, and hope I can increase my score up to 26-29.</p>

<p>Well I got a 19 on the plan. Projected score of 20-24, took the ACT cold and got a 25. So I plan on studying for the june Act and maybe getting a 28-30.</p>

<p>Projected: 21-25
Actual: 28</p>

<p>In conclusion, it means nothing.</p>

<p>I did not try on the plan and when I saw my scores they scared the hell out of me.Then I took the ACT with basically no prep and got more than was projected, that began the process of relaxing.</p>

<p>Projected: 30-34
Actual: 34
PLAN Score: (30/32) though there were a couple sections I didn't miss any questions on but still got a couple points was a weird curve</p>

<p>What date was the PLAN distributed?</p>

<p>October of sophomore year.</p>

<p>My PLAN score during Sophomore year is a 30 (projected range of 31-34 on ACT). I haven't taken an ACT since then but my most recent ACT before the PLAN was a 31. So I guess it's pretty accurate. Hopefully, I've improved since then.</p>

<p>I got a 27 on the PLAN, with a projected range of 28-32. When I took the ACT last June without studying, I got a 33.</p>

<p>my PLAN score was a 29 with projected score of 30-33
my actual ACT was a 35
so I guess there's a slightish correlation?</p>

<p>PLAN told me:
English - 25
Math - 30
Reading - 28
Science - 24
Composite - 27</p>

<p>My ACT was:
English - 32
Math - 35
Reading - 30
Science - 29
Composite - 32</p>

<p>So, all in all, not accurate as far as I can tell.</p>

<p>I got a 25 on the PLAN, but a 32 on the real thing. </p>

<p>This may be in part because how the PLAN was given though. My proctor didn't time us correctly and we were in a big forum full of loud music kids. The guys behind me kept trying to talk to me, etc. </p>

<p>But that still is a big, seven point difference. (I didn't really study a whole lot either, just lots of concentration and coffee :))</p>

<p>plan was inaccurate....predicted: got 27...not sure how....they said I would get 29-31</p>

<p>got 33?</p>

<p>what is meant by 'The Plan' score?</p>

<p>what is meant by 'The Plan' score? where is it from?</p>