How college find if a student get into another college if he is an international student?

So, my dad made me get into a college in my country, but my dream always was to get into a US college, and I quit, and now I applying to college as a freshman. They can find out and how hard is to find out?

I hope that you have a lot of money yourself. They likely have no way of knowing that you applied or were accepted. However, to actually attend, you will need to pay. Any type of financial aid will likely require your parents to supply information. Getting a full ride on merit only is highly unlikely.

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There’s no global database. It’s on the honor system if you’re coming from a foreign country. And you’ll be looking at paying for at least 4 years since none of your prior classes will be evaluated for credit.

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What will your dad do when he gets the bill from a different university? Will he still pay? If not, how will you pay?


Besides money, make sure your English skills are strong. Take the TOEFL. Classes are conducted in English and if your skills are not strong in the university’s courses, your grades will suffer if the professors and GA’s can’t read your papers.


Tell the truth…don’t lie. Did you complete a semester? A full year? What?

International students should expect to be full pay unless they are lucky enough to receive sufficient merit aid or need based aid.

What were your high school stats? Are you even a competitive applicant?

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Reading other responses, I realize The Who isn’t clear. I assumed it was the parent. Is it the parent knowing that you applied in the US or the schools in the US knowing that you started already?

Are you a student or parent asking if it’s OK to omit sending transcripts from previously attended colleges when you apply to a new college?

If so…read what they say about this. The very vast majority of colleges here REQUIRE that you send in all transcripts from ALL previous college courses. ALL of them.

Please don’t start your college stuff here by lying. Tell the truth and provide whatever the colleges ask you to provide when you apply.

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The latter.

You’ll still need letters of recommendation from your HS teachers and guidance counselor. Are you going to ask them to lie?


If you don’t have a transcript nor any credits, if it was a “pro forma” registration without actual attendance, it doesn’t matter. (Usually, students who register but don’t attend 1) are in a country where there’s a requirement to work or be enrolled somewhere 2) generally, to get health insurance coverage. “Making my dad happy” isn’t typical).
However you’ll have to explain what you did dueing all that time if you didn’t attend college (often: work; sometimes, community service or army).
If you attended classes, got grades, etc., then you should report them but it means no financial aid/scholarship.
Wluld your father agree with your attending a US college now? Would he agree to pay?
How will you go about applying?

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@fibbakufelipe I will repeat what others have asked: how will you pay? Your father evidently is not willing to pay for you to attend college in the USA, so where will the money come from? If your father was able to make you attend a college which you did not want to attend, I can assume that he can also keep you from attending a college in the USA.

In fact - does your father know that you have dropped out of college?

Why would you quit college in your home country with no better alternative in hand? It seems irresponsible.


So, I expect to have an financial aid, and work to pay my bills, I do not expect my parents to may a high account. And if I apply showing that I get into another college in my country, for most of the colleges I have to apply as a transfer and is very unlikely that I get any scolarship as a transfer since is very hard to get one applying this way.

So, I expect to have an financial aid, and work to pay my bills, I do not expect my parents to may a high account. And if I apply showing that I get into another college in my country, for most of the colleges I have to apply as a transfer and is very unlikely that I get any scolarship as a transfer since is very hard to get one applying this way.

This is why I talking about hide the college, I need to apply as a fresh to get a better chance to get into and get a good financial aid package.

If I show that I get into a college here, I cannot apply as a fresh.

Please answer…how many courses did you complete at your college there, and how long did you attend?

You are asking us to tell you that being dishonest is OK. That you can just “hide” that you attended another college. This is not OK. It’s dishonest. If colleges ask for ALL transcripts from all previous colleges you have attended, you need to send them all. Otherwise you are not being honest.

ETA…the colleges here that give full ride awards are highly competitive. Do you even have a chance of getting accepted? And what major.

In addition, your ability to work here will be very limited by your visa. You won’t be able to earn enough money to fund college here.

You would be receiving not just admission but financial aid based on a deliberate misrepresentation. Given that you would be receiving something of material value based on a lie, that is called fraud.

It is not just dishonest it is potentially illegal if you also lie on your FA statements.

Not sure if you would also be studying on a student visa but you could be compounding your potential consequences.

In summary bad idea to lie in general really bad to do so in the manner you are contemplating.

You can GET INTO a college (university) in your country and apply as a freshman (in fact, most internationals apply to university in their own country, and/or in another country, and in the US) but you cannot ATTEND a university, ie., take classes, exams, etc. that count toward a university degree then apply as a freshman. If you attended classes at a university and received credit, you will be considered a transfer.

Are you a boy? A girl? How old are you? Have you finished your secondary schooling? Hiw well did you do?

Have you taken university classes and received credit (grades, points) from a post-secondary institution such as a university? For instance, preparing Alevels at a college or a community education certificate to become a plumber or taking art classes on how to draw and paint would not count, preparing a Bachelor’s degree would.
If you HAVE taken classes that lead to a Bachelor’s degree, how many, which ones, with what grades?

Your scholarship would depend on your parents filling out financial forms, submitting tax forms, etc. And the amount of the scholarship woulf depend on your parents’ income and assets.

Unless you’re a US citizen, you would only be allowed to work on campus, generally earning $2,500 a year (enough for your personal expenses). Even US students can’t “work their way through college anymore” because it costs too much, they must depend on their parents (and scholarships or grants when they qualify).

Scholarships may be full tuition (uncommon but these do exist) but it means you still need 10-16k to pay for the rest.