How come nobody talks about Saint Joseph's University on here?

I got presidential and Honors, honestly applied as a safety, sight unseen. Drove by today, the campus was beautiful in a very nice area! I was surprised it was so big. Will now schedule a tour and give it some consideration. What can anyone tell me good or bad about this school?

It is usually a safety school for kids who apply to Villanova, which is why it is seldom mentioned on

A few days late but I applied and got a scholarship and into the Honors Program as well! It is a little weird no one talks on here but the Facebook page and groupme are pretty active. I’m not sure if I’ll go or not, but it might be one of my cheapest options so I probably would then.

St. Joe’s is a very viable option for a lot of bright students. Why? Good merit opportunities. A strong business school (the Food Marketing degree is unusual and well regarded). Attractive campus with pretty, traditional buildings and some newer, more modern structures mixed in. Within walking distance of stores, restaurants, and the train to Center City Philadelphia. A more integrated mix of students in terms of income and race than some other schools. Friendly, bright students who seem happy to be there. Good basketball team that attracts lots of spectators. Jesuit identity. Negatives: Pricey without merit.

Some kids who apply to St. Joe’s have hopes of Villanova, but certainly not all. It is a destination in its own right.

It is sort of a safety for me in terms of price for Villanova, I got into VU and their honors program but I think I’ll get more merit aid at SJU in the end.

Is it more of a commuter/suitcase school? Wondering if SJU will be too quiet on weekends and lack the traditional college experience. Any insight would be helpful.

@jnkam24 Did you apply for the Dean’s scholarship? Does anyone one know when SJU notifies students of this important full tuition scholarship???

@tighemom I did apply for the Deans scholarship. I think I have an email that says those being considered will be notified sometime in February to come for an interview sometime in late February. (Not sure of exact dates). I’m wondering how many are actually awarded.

We are wondering the same… I wonder if the there is an admission rep from SJU on CC. I’ve checked the website, there are no specifics. Fingers crossed!!

how do you get into the group me @julia1611

@kayla1780 through the Facebook group, there’s a post or you can message me your number