How common are likely letters and how reliable are they?

<p>I recently received a letter from the University of Richmond saying that i should expect a large envelope which i think was hinting at acceptance and that i would get a presidential scholarship. Obviously i was thrilled after reading this, but then i began wondering how common and reliable these letters are. Does the university send these to a bunch of students who end up getting rejected or not receiving scholarships when the normal decisions come out? Im just wondering if i should even be thinking this indicates anything about my application status.</p>

<p>Congratulations! I haven’t received one of these letters, so I’m not sure exactly what they say. But it seems like if you got a letter, you were accepted and also got the presidential scholarship. I would think that if U of R sent out a bunch of letters that turned out to be lies, they would get way too much backlash. Does anyone else have any experience with this?</p>

<p>Hi my Daughter got the same letter including the PS offer and I am sure it is legit. Her older sister got the same letter last year and got accepted in April … although there was no mention of the PS.</p>

<p>If you don’t get a “likely letter” does this mean you are not going to be accepted?</p>

<p>^ I seriously doubt that it means you won’t be accepted, but it could be a very strong indication that you won’t be offered a presidential scholarship.</p>

<p>D received likely letter a couple weeks before she was admitted (no scholarship offer). Richmond was the only school to which she applied that sent a likely letter. It might have been more effective at keeping her excited about UR had she received it earlier.</p>