How competitive is club soccer?

<p>How competitive is club soccer at Cornell?
for tryouts, and matches</p>

<p>Wondering the same thing. And what about intramural? is it well organized?</p>

<p>I’m assuming most of club players were varsity players in high school. Intramural is probably for people who want to play for fun, not really for competition, so not as much organization as one would hope.</p>

<p>i actually think it would be pretty competitive. but don’t take my word, as i actually haven’t been to cornell yet.
i go to a school slightly smaller than cornell (i’ll be transferring to cornell this fall), and i play intramurals. there’s a LOT of good players that played varsity soccer in hs. it’s probably gonna be really variegated in intramurals, there’s multiple leagues and such.</p>