How Competitive will I be?

<p>Hi, I was just wondering how competitive I will be with my test scores and all. I'm a senior right now, working on my college apps, and was wondering if anyone would talk to me and give me some advice about colleges, etc. </p>

<p>My SAT scores weren't great: CR: 670 M:770 W:720 (78/8)
But I took the ACT and got a composite score of 32 (Eng: 34, Math: 36, CR: 27 (!), Sci:30).
Even though I have SAT II's in Korean (800) and U.S. History (760), I think I will be sending my ACT scores only, unless the colleges require 2 SAT II scores. </p>

<p>As for the GPA, I have 4.0 UW, 4.4 Weighted. I've been progressively increasing the number of Honors or AP classes each year. </p>

<p>As for extracurricular activities (numbers indicate the years 2009 through 2012):</p>

NHS President (11-12), Member (09-12)
NAHS Founder/President (10-11), Member (10-12)
Art Club Founder/President (same years as above)
FBLA Member (09-12) </p>

Math Student of the Month (08-09, 09-10)
FBLA Regional Competition: 1st in Graphic Design (09-10), 2nd in Graphic Design (10-11), 5th in Personal Finance (10-11)
FBLA State Competition: Top 15 Finalist in Graphic Design and Digital Design (10-11)
Winner of the Washington State Health Department Anti-Smoking Poster Competition</p>

<p>Sports/Work Experiences/Other Activities:
JV Soccer (10-11)
3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
Translator for Irish web cartoon (English -> Korean)
Intermediary between the cartoonist and the Korean web portal
Illustrations for a children's book
Poster design for Greg Mortenson's visit to Olympia
Waiter at my parent's restaurant</p>

After school peer tutor (math, science, and French)
Volunteering activities through NHS and FBLA (i.e. Salvation Army)
Altar serving volunteer for church</p>

<p>So those are my speculations. I've already submitted my QuestBridge application and am waiting for the finalist list to come out. I've submitted my match with Yale and Brown. </p>

<p>Yale is my dream school-- has almost everything I need.
What do you think my chances are for getting into those Ivy League, or top tier schools? What am I lacking, and where am I strong? How competitive am I?</p>

<p>Also, I have one more question about the ACT:
How does Yale look at the ACT? I know that I'm lacking in CR in general (SAT and ACT), but should I be worried? I'm planning to take another ACT for the upcoming October test date, but I don't know whether I should be stressed by it. 27 is a pretty low score for such a prestigious college, but I'm not sure how heavy it weighs. </p>

<p>Anyways, please take a look and tell me honestly what you think. I appreciate it.</p>

<p>can I just say I wish I had your scores</p>

<p>I say you would be competitive</p>

<p>You are in the possible range for any selective school. But the only ones who can give you a realistic assessment of your chances are the members of the admissions committees at those schools, and then only when they have your complete application package in front of them. No one on CC, in other words. </p>

<p>This message is MIT-specific, but the principle applies to all selective colleges:</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Make sure your college list includes some safeties - schools where your stats are well above the norm, that you can pay for under most pessimistic FA assumptions, and where you’d be happy.</p>

<p>Just so you know, your SAT scores are marginally better than your ACT. 32ACT ~2130SAT. <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;