How Covid-19 has affected us

Hi everybody!

Although I am not a parent, in fact, I am a HS Froshie, I felt that this would be the best place to start this thread.

So I wanted to open up this thread just as a way to vent about the difficulties of Covid-19. In the past year, we have missed out on so much. We have missed birthdays and weddings. Parties and gatherings. Vacations and adventures. With Covid-19 still running rampant in many parts of the globe, and with cases in India skyrocketing, are there any stories, events, or tidbits that someone would like to share? How have you managed to keep your sanity? How have you changed your home in DIY home projects? Are there any shows you would recommend? Any books that you discovered?

For us, we often play our favorite board games and watch our favorite movies on Amazon Prime. We recently finished Jack Ryan. If anyone likes action, I would recommend it! I have also read “The Kite Runner”. It is such a well-crafted book. It talks about a young boy’s journey from Russia-occupied Afghanistan to the United States and the childhood friend he left behind. Additionally, we often sit in the backyard, next to a few Tiki torches, a roaring bonfire, watching the pond as the bullfrogs begin their concert.

Wishing all of you the best… stay safe and stay sane!