How creative is acceptable for letter to future roommate Stanford Essay?


For my Stanford note to future roommate essays, I have anxiety that mine is too risky or unacceptable.
I researched that it is good to be creative and humorous ( and I even read some examples in lists rather than letter format).
So I wrote my essay in a manual instruction handbook that included how to use, intended use, and precautions as I am the product. Do you think it is too risky to write in this format? or is it creative enough?

I don’t think any of us can really answer. Your idea sounds clever and fun. Let me ask this - if you received this letter from your new roommate, what would you think? Remember that you want this person to like you as well as have a sense of who you are. If it shows your humor and humanity, you’re probably fine.

What I like about this prompt is that it’s asking you to put your best foot forward and to be honest.

It doesn’t need to be creative, it needs to be genuine. That’s why it’s tough for so many. You’re not a product, they’re hoping for traits that make you a great roommate (and by extension, a nice add to the campus community.) I’d suggest you review it for any corniness and have an adult/teacher/GC give some feedback.

There must be some interests you can share or interesting things about yourself. Much like meeting any new person.