How did everyone feel after today's test

<p>i just wanted some reactions to the test, so i can see how well i did relative</p>

<p>came out of the test thinking i aced CR and failed miserably at math</p>

<p>it is just the opposite</p>

<p>so far 4X on CR, 1X on math.</p>

.....until I got on CC.</p>

<p>The same as mrclassicfreak. I felt relieved and actually pretty satisfied. I promised myself not to come on here because I knew what would happen...and here I am.</p>

<p>aahahah... whcih wast he experimental passage for cr was experimental? emily bronte, citeies, mars, chinese teacher and cities ???</p>

<p>not to great. </p>

<p>I did accuplacer. the sentences and comprehension was brutal.</p>

<p>The essay was on flexible schedule at work. Whatever that is :)</p>

<p>I said yes it would be good for 3 crappy reasons and tried to bs through to 400 words </p>

<p>Not the best one...</p>

<p>very very paranoid.</p>

<p>i got 2 35questioned grammar sections, that made me super worried, but i thought i did ok on them</p>

<p>I felt horrible... But alot better right now.. I think I might have done better than I thought. I got a 790 on math last sat. Think I got a 800, 800 in writing, 750 in reading..</p>

<p>I think I did pretty well on the CR...writing pretty good...math....haha I omitted quite a few. Hope that boosted my score into human levels. If I get even 600 in math I'll be quite surprised.</p>

<p>Christ, our proctor deserves to be shot though. The guy had no idea what he was doing AT ALL. He didn't even write down the start and end times on the board. He also forgot to tell us to bubble in the front. And during the test he kept going outside to talk to this lady, and their conversations were a bit on the loud side.</p>

<p>^ lol@ mr.classicfreak for parallel fifths. </p>

<p>whenever we do SATB writing in ap music theory (which we do ALL THE TIME) my teacher always yells about parallel fifths. then he finally plays them and we all pretend to be in pain...</p>

<p>calm, until i took a caffeine tablet</p>

<p>Like an utter failure.</p>

<p>CR (international) screwed me over.</p>

<p>I feel ecstatic! Keeping fingers crossed for a 2350+!</p>

<p>Most people I know come out with a poor mood/bad feelings. But most people do fine anyways!'s those people who think they did well then check the consolidated list :/</p>

<p>stephennn: AHAHHAHAAHAHALOOL EPIC :D But really, parallel fifths are SO excruciating it's not even funny. Just hear those medieval music.</p>

<p>I felt blah until I came on here, now I feel better after reading the threads</p>

<p>but my proctor was horrible. She would always give us like 23-24 minutes, not 25. Sometimes that last minute is critical!!</p>

<p>they give me g00sepimplesz</p>

<p>"She would always give us like 23-24 minutes'</p>

<p>*** yea that happened on my psat i ended up having to guess the last 2 questions on the first reading passage</p>

<p>she would start at like 12:00:45 for example and count that as starting at 12:00
and then end at 12:25 giving us like 45 seconds less</p>