How did the year go?

<p>I don’t hang out on CC as much anymore but I learned a lot from this board. </p>

<p>D really liked her set up in Lincoln and will be there again next year with the same roommate but in a different suite on the same floor. She’s still majoring in Linguistics. For her four-quarters of a language she has chosen Russian. The winter was cold. We’re unsure about taking a car next year.</p>

<p>Did “you all” have a good 07-08?</p>

<p>S really enjoyed the year as well. He'll be in Lincoln again next year too, but with a different group of suitemates (he likes the luck of the draw). He got a job working the desk starting in September, so he is looking forward to a little extra cash. He will probably take a car back to make the trips home more convenient - although he came home very infrequently. Parking is way out in west-nowhere, but he doesn't need a car day to day anyway. He's become well versed with the Columbus bus system. </p>

<p>He did the Honors London trip last fall and had a blast. Now he is thinking about where to go next - I think Greenwich next summer - although he isn't asking yet how he is going to pay for it. He finished his sequence in French with a course in Old English thrown in and is thinking about adding Latin next year. It's all a bit of a mystery to me, but he has some grand idea of how it all works together that I still can't quite grasp. </p>

<p>I'm not sure exactly what he plans to do with an English/Classics/maybe poli-sci/maybe history major, but time will tell. I keep telling him to practice saying "Do you want fries with that?" since he might need it when it comes time to find a job. </p>

<p>All in all, he was very happy with all his choices - OSU, Honors, Lincoln, etc. Now if my wife can only get out of the laundry room since he got back, life will return to normal. :)</p>

<p>My son just loved his first year. He joined a fraternity winter quarter and has gotten very involved in campus life. Has lots of friends...really feels like OSU is "home." And it doesn't hurt that he finished his first year with a 3.85 GPA!</p>

<p>I just wish he were nicer to me now that he is back at home. I know re-entry is hard for college students after they have lived on their own.</p>

<p>No car for him next year. He has asked relentlessly, but now I just walk away when he brings it up!!!</p>

<p>Thats good to hear, what fraternity did he join?</p>

<p>PennilessParent, is it possible that your son and my daughter are twins separated at birth? His intended "major" sounds exactly like hers. She plans on being a writer.</p>

<p>We are considering Ohio State, would you say overall your kid's experiences have been satisfying?</p>

<p>We are OOS (way OOS!) so it makes the decision more difficult.</p>