How did this happen? ACT

So I took the october ACT 2016 and received a 29, which I thought was a good starting score-as I wanted atleast 33.
I studied over the summer with elite classes and on the test I got 30 english, 35 math, 24 reading, 27 science, 7 essay
I self studied for a solid month with the red book, got a whopping 32 on the december ACT. I was happy, but I wanted to get atleast 33 so my chances at UC’s would improve, as my GPA wasn;t that high. My subscores were 34 english, 34 math, 25 reading, 32 science, 8 essay
I took a break and retook in June 2017, but when I received my scores yesterday, i got a 28!!!- lower than even my first time.
Subscores were 27 english, 35 math, 21 reading, 27 science. Basically, all my scores decreased a lot except my math!
How does my english go from 35 to 27!!! im crying
I honestly predicted a 35- 35 english, 36 math, 32 reading, 35 science as I thought the June ACT was easiest one of all. I even studied a lot!
How is this possible?
You guys think ACT made a mistake?
How will colleges view this? I went from 29 to 32 to 28?
Can I delete some test scores?
Should I retake again in senior year- September or October?
Help pls, this is important!!

If I were you and if I have time to do my college essays, I will retake in September and delete the june score

I think your scores are excellent, but I know that some people do better on the SAT than the ACT. Maybe you should try sitting for the SAT. Good luck however you proceed!

actually i took the SAT and got 1280, and can’t get any higher on practice tests
do u only have to send one of ur ACT score?

Your 32 is good - just delete the June score and focus on your applications.

I agree, delete the June score.

even if i dont delete it, will colleges still be able to see it
do u sned all ACT scores or one, becuase if it is one then it doesn;t matter right becuase I can send my highest

32 is really good, just send that one.

However, make sure you have a large array of colleges you apply to - use your UC GPA (as it’s the most important factor for UC s) to determine if something is reach, match, or safety. Make sure you have two affordable safeties as per your GPA (your score will help you get into any impacted major).

If you want to retake it, retake it. Don’t be worried about taking it “too late”, and know that a 32 is already a very good score. One of my friends retook it after she’d graduated in an attempt to earn more merit scholarship money. It’s never too late to strive for improvement.